ROV & Survey Services


Meet your ROV specialist

We own and operate one of the most reliable and field proven ROV system in the industry. We are equipped to provide a wide range of ROV services starting from general visual inspection, assistance for repair and maintenance (IRM) , including NDT, FMD, as well as a drill support during field installation/decommissioning. In addition, we are constantly expanding our operational capabilities and working closely with our partners to stay on top of the latest developments in the industry and to provide a wide range of underwater robots including Work-class ROV.

Marine survey services

SAROST has the necessary resources, skills, manpower and equipment to perform geophysical & geotechnical studies including seabed mapping, Side Scan Sonar survey, sediment sampling, underwater positioning… We also carry out oceanographic studies and environmental surveys, to support offshore and marine development projects. Our team of highly experienced hydrographic surveyors and marine engineers are ready to assist clients with a range of hydrographic surveying technologies and equipment using latest methods and software to deliver high-resolution data.

Get an integrated solution to your project

Our philosophy is to always provide clients with reliable and integrated services at the least cost and risk. Our project managers, engineers and specialist operational staff are compliant with current offshore industry requirements and are well experienced to meet our clients’ expectations. We can provide an integrated solution with the best possible combination of quality, cost and schedule to comply with each project’s needs involving diving, ROV and survey services with our dedicated support vessel.


Some of our Projects

Installation of a 6" flexible hose using inspection class ROV and surface/underwater high accuracy positioning systems. Halk El Menzel Field, Tunisia.

Debris detected and removed by ROV for the Hasdrubal Field Seabed mapping and debris survey project (Tunisia).