Offshore Vessels


40 years

SAROST has always been the leader in the marine support for the energy sector with more than 40 years of experience in vessel chartering. You can rely on us to carry out your big-scale projects with an acute expertise and an unrivalled commitment.

Varied fleet

Whatever your needs are, we are able to provide various types of vessels including: - Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS) equipped with dynamic positioning - Platform Supply Vessels (PSV) - Anchor Handling Tag (AHT) - Floating Storage and Offloading (FSO), - Mobile offsore Drilling / Production Unit (MODPU) - Series of pontoons, barges and small crafts

Tailored solutions

With the other subsea services provided by SAROST such as Diving, Survey and ROV solutions, we can offer tailormade plans, specifically designed to meet your requirements in Offshore projects while optimizing budgets and timelines.


Some of our Projects

Installation of 40 connected sections (total 1,4 Km) of a 6” rubber hose using a carousel and a loading arm onboard SAROST AHTS (SAROST 05).

Mooring of SAROST FSO (Thapsus) onto a CALM Buoy along with import / export hose towing and installation.

Drilling operations support by supplying SAROST MODPU (Jawhara 05) with drilling fluids, chemicals and bulk using SAROST AHTS (SAROST 05).