HSS: Health Safety Security


HSS: Health Safety Security

We believe that the development of employee health, security, safety and welfare in the workplace is essential both in and outside our offices.

In this regard, we recognize that successful accident prevention is as much a matter of a strong safety mindset than it is of the proper design, functioning and repair of equipment and instruments in the field.

All our employees are particularly engaged in establishing and maintaining safe work practices. Consequently, these fundamental health, safety, security, and environmental principles are embedded in our team’s culture:

  • Assuring that health, safety, security and environmental issues are considered a high priority in the planning and execution of all our activities.
  • Using our premises and delivering our services in a way that is compatible with the health, safety and security of all employees to be hired for our jobs, while maintaining a secure and healthy environment at all times.
  • Raising awareness among all our employees and customers about the magnitude of the health, safety and environmental risks, if there are any.
  • Recognizing and addressing community concerns regarding our activities both during and after job completion.
  • Maintaining a collaborative framework of consultation regarding the efficient steps to enhance the safety, health, and environment of our jobs with our customers and host communities.
  • Sustaining systems for reporting and monitoring safety performance as well as for tracking and evaluating the health of all employees hired and personnel involved in our operations.