Diving Services


Know-how combined with IMCA guidelines

Our organization has a deep understanding of the best practices of the industry. We are committed to complying with the highest diving standards and to following IMCA guidelines wherever we operate to safely deliver a quality diving service. We are recognized by the majority of IACS Members as a Service Provider for In-water Survey/ UWILD.

Rely on our 40 years’ diving experience

All our diving team have diving qualifications recognized by IMCA. Our specialists have the experience to tackle complex challenges that come with any new project. Highly qualified and solution-oriented, our engineering team is there to get the job done no matter what it takes.

Wide range of diving services

We have the expertise and the capability to meet our clients’ specific requirements and to handle all aspects of diving services whether it's surface assistance or underwater works and interventions, including tanker Off-take assistance, in-water survey / UWILD, subsea infrastructure installation, Offshore decommissioning projects, underwater cleaning, maintenance, repair and NDT inspection, salvage operations.


Some of our Projects


Our team of IMCA-recognized divers in action during the Cercina Rhemoura pipeline replacement of an approximately 10500m length damaged section. Kerkennah, Tunisia.

Our divers in action taking CP measurement during the SBM class inspection. Ashtart, Tunisia.